My Truths #45 (legumes)

by Stephanie

Legumes are difficult to digest and are a less desirable source of protein than organic grass fed meat (if you’re Primal). Legumes such as beans, lentils, chickpeas and peanuts (you heard me right folks PEANUTS…not a nut!) are an inexpensive source of dietary fibre & protein and are invaluable for vegetarians. Many people have difficulty digesting legumes (including me) but if they are prepared properly by soaking they can be easier to digest and do provide some good nutrition. If someone is a vegetarian for ethical reason then legumes are an obvious choice but if someone is a vegetarian for health reasons than I would challenge that they may be missing out on some essential amino acids found in meat. Also keep in mind that legumes can be high in carbohydrates so if you’re trying to eat low carb they can set you back.