My Truths #186 (change)

by Stephanie

Things do not change; we change.” ~Henry David Thoreau. I’ve changed! When I stumbled on to Mark’s Daily Apple something clicked for me and I jumped in with both feet. I found the Primal way of eating & exercising (the whole philosophy) intuitive and based on sound logic & science. I changed my body and my attitude towards food. I no longer see food as a chore or as something to feel guilty about. I now see food as life sustaining nutrition, as fuel/energy and as a source of pleasure.

I became a believer and I felt a strong urge to share my experience with others but my need to sing the virtues of the Primal ways is fading. Unfortunately, I’ve found that most people are closed off to new ideas. I had hoped that others would benefit from my blogging (and a few have told me they have) but I think that I personally have benefited the most from it. It has strengthened by dedication to the Primal/Paleo way of eating and it has introduced me to others who have already found the same path. I feel a great sense of community.

I had hoped to get back to regular updates this fall but I’m finding I have less to say. The recent pressure to write something is causing me a little stress which is NOT primal so I’m signing off for now… I’ll be back when I’m inspired. Grok on!