My Truths #185 (the smart choice)

by Stephanie

Home alone tonight with my 16 year old son who is almost 6′ tall and very thin (bordering on sickly). He’s not a picky eater and will hoover down just about anything I place in from of him including all sorts of vegetables…the weirder the better…strange kid!

It’s Friday night and, although there were a few leftovers in the fridge, there was not enough to put together a meal for myself and another for a growing boy so I offered to get him take out. #1. I feel like a bad mother for feeding him that crap. #2. I feel like a bad mother for being too lazy to cook him something.  I don’t do it very often so I convince myself that it’s o.k. and out I go.

20 minutes later I have a medium Little Ceasar’s Hot ‘n Ready pepperoni pizza and 8 hot wings in my car. It smells amazing and my stomach starts growling. I try not to think about it, turn the radio up to my new favourite tune (Royals by Lorde) and force myself to think about what I’m going to eat when I get home. 

Willpower wins tonight and I resist the temptation. I’ve just finished my dinner of broiled salmon with sour cream/lemon/caper sauce and fresh roasted Brussels sprouts. It was delicious but I’m still thinking about that pizza and oh oh… here he comes to put his leftovers in the fridge. God help me!