My Truths #184 (just thinking)

by Stephanie

It’s been shown that, even before you start eating, your body starts to release hormones (such an insulin) in preparation for consuming food (particularly carbs). So recently I’ve been asking myself this question: If thinking about eating causes you to release insulin then wouldn’t you suffer the negative consequences of insulin if you only think about eating something even if you don’t eat it?

For example: Is it possible that watching TV might make you fat for two reasons?


Firstly, unless you’re working out while watching TV you’re being sedentary…being sedentary can lead to weight gain. But consider this? You’re watching late night TV and a commercial for {enter name of processed/deep fried/sugary food here} comes on and, although you think this stuff doesn’t tempt you, your stomach growls. What just happened? The visual imagery started a cascade of physiological changes (one likely being a release of insulin). Unfortunately, even if you don’t get up and go to the kitchen for a snack you may have already started the process which leads to weight gain.

My advice: 1) stay busy/active to avoid boredom and thoughts of food 2) TiVo your favourite shows and fast forward through the commercial and 3) stay off Pinterest and other food porn sites!

Here’s an article that explores the question “could thinking about dessert make you gain weight”

I also found this link describing a study where they investigated the question but I could not seem to find where the results of the study where published. If you know how to find the results, please let me know