My Truths #183 (the three keys)

by Stephanie

I’m a member of a closed Facebook group which is local to my community and focused on living a healthier lifestyle. Much of what is shared in the group is conventional wisdom. Many of these people are taking important steps to taking control of their health i.e. giving up junk food, eating “healthier” and moving more.

I find it difficult to “hold my tongue” when someone suggests switching from white bread to whole grain (Why not go all the way and give up bread?) but I also don’t want to be that preachy “know it all”.

That being said, someone opened the door this week by asking the question:

“Anyone have any great diet plans? I’m struggling to stick with anything!”.

I gave a quick intro to Primal including a link to the basics. A few people came back with positive comments and follow up questions. This morning I posted this:

I would like to say just a few more things in defense of low carb/paleo/primal eating for those who are still skeptical or curious. (Can you tell I’m a huge believer?). It has been my experience that:

1) using full fat products is key (stay away from products that have be re-engineered to be low fat). Full fat food taste better and is more satisfying physiologically and psychologically. This has been key for me.

2) Giving up bread and sugar is where the magic happens (these foods drive insulin). It may be difficult at first to stop eating bread and sugar but it has been my experience that, over time, you stop craving these foods.

3) Eating this way does not require perfection. There’s the 80/20 rule. As long as you’re being honest with yourself and eating “clean” 80% of the time you should see results. My 2 cents for today ladies (and gentlemen)!