My Truths #182 (use it or gain it)

by Stephanie

I think it’s a fairly well know fact that a person with less muscle will have a slower metabolism (all things being equal). I think this is one of the key reasons that many people gain weight as they age but why and how does this happen?

Consider this scenario: Someone young & strong carries their groceries from the car to the house 6 bags at a time, at some point they cut back to 4 at a time and eventually they have 1 bag in each hand and that’s all they can handle. This doesn’t happen overnight but is a gradual decline. If you think about it I’m sure you can come up with many examples of things that young/healthy/strong  people do that older people don’t (moving furniture alone, taking stairs two at a time, sprinting to catch a bus)

Cardio exercise such as walking and step aerobics are good but they do almost nothing to prevent the loss of muscle mass. The only way to preserve and/or build muscle is regular weight bearing exercise. The expression “use it or lose it” is bang on! At the same time I’d like to coin a new expression “use it or gain it”. Use your muscles or gain weight!