My Truths #181 (weight & aging)

by Stephanie

Is weight gain inevitable as we age? I turned 46 years old a few days ago. My weight has been basically the same (+/- 8lbs) for 30 years. To clarify… that would be the 8lbs that I lost and kept off after I went “primal” in 2011. As each year passes I think this is the year that, despite my best efforts, I’m going to gain weight. You see, if you believe what you hear and see in the media, gaining weight (particularly for women) is inevitable. But that’s just conventional wisdom right?

I did some quick research on the topic on-line and what I quickly concluded is that this is likely more health & wellness hype based on flawed thinking. It may be challenging to maintain your weight but I don’t believe for one second that gaining is “inevitable”. The recurring advice for women is that, as they age, they must move more and eat less to maintain their weight. I ask myself…

  • I’m already very active. Does that mean that if I don’t change my diet and that I don’t a) cycle more b) climb more mountains C) attend more crossfit classes that I will gain weight?
  • I already eat well. Does that mean that if I continue my current activity level and simply cut 200 calories a day that I will maintain my weight?

Clearly it’s not that simple. In the days ahead I will try to dig deeper in to this subject (hormones, type of activity, type of calories, timing of meals, supplements etc…)


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(Regarding the link directly above: Although I agree with the author of this article on the role of hormones, I’m not convinced that eating frequently or supplements are part of the answer)