My Truths #178 (She Rides)

by Stephanie

I have not been posting recently but I assure you I have not fallen off the Primal Bandwagon. I’m still totally committed to eating clean…wheat, sugar and processed foods free! I still indulge from time to time as part of the 80/20 rule. In the summer these indulgences tend to be one of two things 1) ice cream … the ice cream parlour is 11 km away. There and back makes for a nice evening bike ride 2) Beer…after a long bike ride on a hot day nothing taste quite as good as a cold beer.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’ve been too busy to blog because I’ve been outside. That’s actually not quite true as I have been posting short updates on GIVEHERTHEGEARS. Yesterday we reached the half way mark towards our cycling goal. 1000 km down… 1000 km to go

To celebrate reaching our 50% milestone, I have put together a 2 minute & 40 second video of some of our rides this year…set to a great cycling song by Canadian artist Evalyn Parry. Please check it out!