My Truths #176 (greens)

by Stephanie

I picked up my first organic produce pack of the season yesterday. I always look forward to the pick up each week at my neighbourhood strip mall when all the crates of veggies are lined up in a row. Subscribers to this CSA bring their own boxes, baskets and hampers. Each person goes down the line and picks one item from each box. Because it’s early in the growing season the choices this week were greens, greens and more greens.

I brought home lettuce, bok choy, swiss chard, spinach and broccoli! The only item that was a little different was the radishes. I know that some people eat the greens off those too but they went directly in my compost bin…I’ll do well to eat all that other green stuff.

My farmer did feel a little bad for the lack of variety this week so he threw in a homemade hummus (technically not Primal but not the worse thing you can eat) and a dozen free run eggs. Yum! There was a loaf of artisan bread in the mix too but of course I passed on that!