My Truths #175 (creativity)

by Stephanie

I mentioned several days ago that I’ve been working on a new project called “she rides”. It’s a little mini movie about my 2,000 km of cycling this summer. It’s been a great motivator to 1) get out and cycle and find new routes with interesting scenery 2) learn about creative photography techniques 3) learn some new software skills i.e. GoPro’s Cineform Studio and Windows Live Movie Maker.

I’ve been capturing footage using my son’s GoPro camera and channeling my inner creativity to edit it down to 3-4 minutes of the best shots with the best light. I want everything to be just right… creative footage with clean transitions set to the perfect soundtrack.

The song I’m using is providing a lot of inspiration. It’s by a Canadian artist. I contacted her via email to ask if I could use the song and she responded very positively. Isn’t that awesome?

I’m not giving away all the details just yet…so stay tuned…