My Truths #173 (personal records)

by Stephanie

I haven’t been posting much on Breaking Bread recently because I’ve been outside! Some of you may recall that this was a concept that appeared recently on my vision board. I had posted a a quote that said “turn off the computer and go outside” and that’s what I’ve been doing.

Saturday we cycled 100.04 km which was a personal record. The funny part (well it’s funny now) is that Rob wasn’t really sold on the idea of doing 100 km until I locked the keys in the house just as we were leaving and the only spare key was with my step-son at the 60 km mark of a 100 km loop. It all worked out. We rode to the Kingston market for breakfast, rode across the Kingston Peninsula (very hilly!), stopped in and picked up the key, had ice cream at the Pumpkin Patch and then grinded out those last 40 km.

Rob was none too thrilled with me at the time but he was thrilled to upload our 100 km ride to Garmin Connect and brag to his friends about his PR!

P.S. That thicker red line is where we biked in circles around our neighbourhood until the odometer read 100!

route map 6 01 2013