My Truths #169 (Garmin)

by Stephanie

Having a GPS to track our exercise/play makes it even more fun.  When my husband and I first started cycling we didn’t have an odometer. We knew our route was 11 km and we would use a watch to track how long it took us to finish it. Who needed all those fancy gadgets? It was a simple a.k.a. primal approach.

I’m always stumped for good Christmas gifts so one year I asked if he would like an odometer for his bike. His initial reaction was that it would be a waste of money but I went ahead and bought him one anyway. It was a “Sigma 1106” and set me back about $60. It was a great little rig. Once you get it calibrated to your tire size they are very accurate and the nice thing is that you can manually adjust the odometer reading. For example, when we cycled in NYC we would come back and add that mileage to our total. Although my hubby didn’t want the odometer in the first place he fell in love with it….maximum speed, average speed…I created a monster! He’d say,  “pick up the pace little mama we gotta keep our average speed up”.

He decided what was good for the goose was good for the gander and bought me my own odometer one Christmas. He bought a different brand (Cateye) and I used it for a couple of years but it wasn’t as user friendly as the Sigma and you couldn’t adjust the total mileage manually. It’s sitting in a drawer somewhere now because I’m using the Sigma and Rob splurged on a Garmin Edge 200. It’s not the Cadillac of Garmin’s but it’s a great gadget. Now we can track elevation and calories burned! It also allows us to generate fantastic maps of the routes we’ve biked. Check out the map below which shows our 63.4 km ride from yesterday on the beautiful Kingston Peninsula.

PS. I have a feeling that Rob is itching to upgrade his GPS soon so I suspect that I’ll have the Garmin Edge 200 on my bike in no time!