My Truths #167 (sunscreen)

by Stephanie

Sun exposure provides both health risks and benefits. My daughter learned about the dangers of tanning at school yesterday. I immediately thought of tanning beds and asked “are there many girls in grade 8 that go to tanning salons?”  she said “no mom, they were talking about laying out in the sun”.

When I discovered the Primal movement I read about the health benefits of the sun. Now I go outside for 10-15 minutes per day without sunscreen and gradually build up a nice modest tan. She informed me that any colour is sun damage which is technically correct but I think the vitamin D is worth it. I believe the most important thing, where the sun is concerned, is to avoid getting burned. My son got a burn on his face and neck on our recent trip to NY and it made me feel like such a bad mother.

I also mentioned to my daughter that I believe that sunscreen is toxic and I worry about putting it on my skin. She did some research on-line about natural sunscreens…she found red raspberry seed oil which is said to have a natural SPF between 28 and 50 and “may also contain clinically significant anti-inflammatory properties”. Read more about natural sunscreens here.