My Truths #166 (GoPro video)

by Stephanie

Play is an important part of the Primal Lifestyle and it’s fun to catch it on video. My son bought a GoPro camera for his ski trip to British Columbia in March. He brought back 8 hours of skiing footage but, as I suspected, never got around to editing it. Nobody wants to sit and watch 8 hours of skiing…particularly when the camera was pointed at the snow most of the time. At the time I thought it was a waste of money but now I’m thinking of all the ways that I can use it too!

I downloaded some editing software this week and took a stab at condensing some of the skiing footage in to a 2-3 minutes video. It was really an exercise to learn how to use the software so that I can make videos of some of my cycling and mountain climbing later this summer.

The trickiest part was finding some fun music to accompany the video. On my first attempt,  I used an awesome song called “winter” that I downloaded for free off the internet but when I tried to upload it to Facebook they were quick to reject it and point out that I was violating some copyright laws. I did my research and found some royalty free music that can be used if you give credit to the artist.

Here is a link to the final video…not bad for a first attempt!