My Truths #162 (expensive restaurants)

by Stephanie

An expensive restaurant is not just about the food. O.K. one more story about NYC before I move on. When two adults and three teenagers try to reach a consensus on where to eat it can take some lobbying, selling, negotiating and compromising. We were not too worried about breakfast or lunch but for us the evening dinners in NYC are always an “event”. This was our 8th trip to NYC (seven without the kids) and we’ve used the Zagat restaurant guide with great success in the past to find delicious food, good value and hidden gems.

My husband and I enjoy spicy ethic food but two of our three children are a little more reserved. We landed on a barbeque joint (Virgil’s) and an Austrian place (Café Katja). The final choice was between Italian or a steakhouse. I was obviously lobbying for the steakhouse to avoid the Italian “carbfest” but the steakhouse we were considering (Del Frisco’s) is rather pricey and we knew it would set us back a pretty penny. Finally we decided what the heck…let’s splurge. The kids were in awe of the architecture, the dark wood décor and the power suit patrons. The service was impeccable and the food was amazing! They all agreed that it was one of the most memorable meals they’d ever had. I was satisfied that we weren’t just paying for a steak…we were creating an experience to remember!

Image   Del Frisco’s of New York, 1221 Ave. of the Americas • New York, NY