My Truths #161 (Whole Food Market)

by Stephanie

No visit to NYC is complete for me without a stop at Whole Food Market. My husband doesn’t understand how or why I would want to spend hours just walking up and down the aisles at Whole Food. We just don’t have stores in Atlantic Canada that carry such a variety of natural and organic products. It’s not even that I buy much…I just find it fascinating to look. For the record, I did buy dried organic coconut chunks and dried morel mushrooms.

One thing that we do both enjoy doing is “hunting & gathering” in the prepared food section at the WFM at Columbus Circle. We like to get a bit of this and a bit of that then head outside to eat it “picnic” style in Central Park. The choices are extensive and, this year, trying to get the three kids to decide what they wanted to sample was time consuming and a bit stressful. That being said, everyone seemed happy with their lunch. Emma, my youngest, loved the warm marble pound cake that she chose for dessert (she’s not primal so has no hang-ups about cake). Seems it was the highlight of her trip to NYC…The Lion King on Broadway a close second.