My Truths #160 (wheat/carb splurge)

by Stephanie

I ate a scone and I’m still thriving. We were in NYC recently and made plans to meet a friend for a morning coffee near Union Square. He suggested a little cafe called “Joe”. You know the kind of place with great coffee and a display case full of pastries. No bacon or eggs in sight. I was on vacation and my primal ways were already suffering. I considered just having coffee but that little devil on my shoulder piped up. In a matter of seconds my self-talk sounded something like this “You’re on vacation, you’ll get back on track when you get home. Biking season is now in full swing so a few extra carbs won’t hurt. Having a pastry with our friend is the social thing to do…yadda yadda”. Next thing you know I’m digging in to a currant and rosemary scone and the truth is…it was absolutely delicious!!! It was not one of those times when you think it’s not worth the carb splurge. This was totally worth it! I tolerate wheat just fine so I felt no adverse effects from eating it. Now, days later, I’m feeling a strange mixture of guilt for having devoured every last crumb and a burning desire for another one.