My Truths #159 Part 1 (sneakers)

by Stephanie

I’m not a big sneaker person. I would never wear a pair of sneakers if I wasn’t working out. I would wear a comfy and stylish pair of boots, loafers or sandals instead. I do own other athletic shoes specifically designed for the workouts that I do regularly i.e. clipless cycling shoes and hiking boots.

I don’t run so I don’t really understand the concept of wearing out a pair of sneakers. I have retired a few pairs over the years but mainly because I grew tired of them or they were sadly out of style. Several years ago I purchased a pair of Nike athletic shoes for zumba. They are a “minimalist” style shoe i.e. flat with no heal lift. They are called “Musique” and are specifically designed for dancing but they also have served me well at crossfit which requires a shoe that simulates as closely as possible being bareboot. (Vibrams are the gold standard in the Primal community). Recently my Nikes have started to make an annoying creaking sound… this will not do!

Luckily I’m heading to NYC and I’ve got new crossfit shoes on my shopping list. I won’t be getting Vibrams because they’re just a little too weird for me but I hear Merrel makes a great product and Reebok is a huge sponsor of Crossfit so I’ll likely take a look at their minimalist options. I won’t be posting for a few days but when I do I’ll report back on what shoes I purchased…


my soon-to-be-retired Nike “musique” athletic/dancing shoes