My Truths #158 (dry brushing)

by Stephanie

I’ve had a “dry brush” for a few years but have a hard time getting in to the habit. Dry Brushing is when you take a dense stiff bristled brush made of natural fibres (tampico fibre – the unbleached stem of the agave plan or palm fibre for example) and brush your skin all over in small circular motions. It is recommended that you start at your extremities and brush towards your heart avoiding any delicate areas such as the face. Dry Brushing promotes healthier skin by exfoliating dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and also stimulates increased skin cell production. The benefits don’t end there. Other benefits include:

  1. skin that is healthier and smoother
  2. boosts your immune system by stimulating your lymphatic system  and increasing circulation to help detoxify.
  3. reduces stressed areas of the body by increasing blood flow
  4. stimulates nerve endings in your skin which rejuvenates your nervous system.
  5. increases blood circulation to the skin which helps break down and releases toxins (toxins are said to contribute to the appearance of cellulite)

A benefit which is not frequently touted but that I have experienced is the prevention of ingrown hairs from shaving. When I shave the upper back section of my legs I sometimes get ingrown hairs. Dry brushing has done wonders to prevent these. Just make sure you always brush when your skin is dry…hence the name “dry brushing”. Brushing when your skin is wet can cause your skin to stretch…and we don’t want that!