My Truths #156 (make-up)

by Stephanie

There may be more to wearing make-up than vanity. Research shows that there may be a biological urge that drives women to wear eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick. Supposedly women’s faces have greater color contrast between eyes, lips, and surrounding skin than men’s. People unconsciously use contrast as a cue to tell what sex a face is and cosmetics are typically used to exaggerate this difference and make a face look more feminine.

I know body painting goes way back but I believe the motivation was often more cultural (a form of art) or spiritual. Was it used to attract the opposite sex? I wonder if cave women (a.k.a. Mrs. Grok) used plants, minerals and other naturally occurring compounds to clear up or even hide any blemishes that she had? Did she use naturally occurring red dyes to tint her lips or cheeks? Did she even care about this stuff? Did Grok?

I like to think that Mrs.Grok may have used a little aloe vera gel right from the plant to moisturize and even gloss up her lips for “date night” but she sure wasn’t using modern cosmetics and therein lies the problem …