My Truths #155 (HGH)

by Stephanie

Why buy HGH when you can make it naturally? Human Growth Hormone (HGH) supplements like Sytropin claim to provide results in the following area: building muscle, reducing the visibility of wrinkles, boosting energy levels, or even weight loss by boosting metabolism. It’s touted as a proverbial fountain of youth. The supplement “pushers” promote natural HGH as a viable option for boosting “growth factors already present in the human body”.

Don’t spend your hard earned money on this supplements. Your body is already producing HGH. The key is to optimize your body’s natural production of the hormone. According to one article some of the steps to follow to increase your natural production of HGH are:

  • Step 1 Get plenty of sleep.
  • Step 2 Watch your intake of simple carbs.
  • Step 3 Do compound exercises.
  • Step 4 Work out at a high intensity.
  • Step 5 Do not eat fat before you work out
  • Step 6 Become more relaxed.

For more details on each of these 6 steps read the LIVESTRONG article HERE. The irony of the anti-doping message is not lost on me!