My Truths #154 (fasting after workout)

by Stephanie

Fasting after a working out may also have health benefits. How soon after your workout do you eat? There’s no one correct answer. It really depends on your fitness goals. A long distance runner will have different requirements than a body builder. All that being said, I think what you eat after working out and when you eat it matters A LOT! It’s called the “window of opportunity”.

Most of what I’ve read supports eating a high protein meal along with some carbs within an hour of your workout (always chose a “safe” starch” i.e. sweet potato…good! grains… bad!!).  That being said, there are proponents out there of continuing to fast post workout to maximize the production of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) “which critically influences everything from bone density to muscle mass and organ reserve to general cell reproduction in the body’s systems.” Source: Mark’s Daily Apple. And it’s not just renegade Mark that believes this. Just Google the “fasting twins” to get there take on it. Their Youtube videos are extremely annoying to watch but there’s no doubt they believe in fasting before and after their workouts.

Who knew that WHEN TO EAT would be such a complex issue? If you are interested in reading more about fasting after your workout and how this promotes the production of HGH check out this article…