My Truths #152 (buff arms)

by Stephanie

I think every bride-to-be would like arms like Madonna’s. I was at the gym this morning and one of the other lady crossfitters said to me “I want your arms for my wedding!” It was a very nice compliment! …and I can totally relate. Years ago, just after I got engaged, I started a Facebook group called “My fitness goal is to have arm’s like Madonna’s” (for the record, this was when she had nice arms). I think the Facebook group is defunct now. I did shoulder presses, bicep curls and tricep dips like crazy for months before my wedding to get those buff arms that I could show off in my spaghetti strapped dress and immortalize in my wedding photos. When the big day arrived all that hard work had paid off. The photo below wasn’t one of the best shots of the happy couple but I can tell you it made the wedding album and my husband knows why! Look at those arms!!

PS. The truth is Madonna’s arms are scary looking now. Too lean and veiny! check it out…