My Truths #151 (lead by example)

by Stephanie

If you’re spouse/partner is not on board with your eating and/or fitness philosophy all you can do is lead by example. My husband has been through a lot in the past 2 years. He was diagnosed with Leukemia in June 2011. Following his bone marrow transplant in November 2011 he successful got in to remission and is doing very well now. He’s more keenly aware of his mortality and tuned in to his health. He watched closely while I virtually eliminated sugar and grain from my diet but he had absolutely no interest in joining me. He’s in the “bread is the staff of life” camp.  He gave up soft drinks years ago and rarely eats fast food. That’s his idea of eating “healthy”.  

He lost over 25 pounds when he was sick. Cancer will do that to you. In hindsight, he was fortunate to have a little “extra padding”. The truth is losing 25 lbs was too much for his tall frame. He looked frail and sick. This gave him license to eat and when he regained his appetite he quickly gained 10 lbs back. At 6’4”, 200 lbs seemed to be an idea weight for him so he went out and bought new smaller pants. His old pants were still way too big and he was surprised because he never really considered himself overweight. He even asked me a few times “why didn’t you tell me I was fat?” Yeah right? That would have gone over like a lead balloon!

Fast forward to this Monday morning…he tried on his pants and they were tight. He got on the scales and they said 206. He turned to me for advice! I said “just start by eating NO BREAD for a week”. He’s on day 4 and the scales showed 201 this morning and he was in a great mood! Baby steps!