My Truths #149 (alcohol before workout)

by Stephanie

I’ve been known to whine before a workout but wine? Really?  I was scheduled to go to the gym at 8 p.m. one night and was looking for some justification for that glass of red wine that I wanted to have with my dinner so I turned to the internet. Most of what I read on-line made sense (common sense!) and supported the notion that if you want to perform at your best it’s better to abstain. Alcohol is hard on your liver, is dehydrating and, for the most part, full of empty calories. You know what? Despite what I read, I still drank that glass of red wine and went to the gym that night and performed just fine.

I was reading a forum (Testosterone Nation) with arguments on both sides and I think TrainerinDC said it best “Sure I could perform better in the gym without alcohol. But in the gym performance is not the end all and be all secret of life. Lifting is a part of lives that we do to improve our lives. I refuse to live a life where I won’t drink a beer with my friends. When I go to Spain, I’m drinking the sangria.”

NOTE: There’s always two sides to the coin and if you search hard enough you can always find an article, study or expert that will support what you want to do…no matter how far-fetched.  I even found one article which claimed that one drink before hitting the gym eases stress on your heart during the workout.