My Truths #147 (find your passion)

by Stephanie

Make exercise a way of life by finding your passion. There are so many ways to stay fit that it’s mind boggling to me that so many people are sedentary. News flash folks…for the most part, what you’re watching on TV is garbage! Get out there and find your passion! There are the obvious ones…walking, hiking, running, swimming, skiing, cycling (my personal favourite). Then there are the not-so-obvious ones….roller derby, martial arts, dancing (belly, ballroom, latin, poll and many more), canoeing/kayaking…the list is probably endless if you really think about it.

If you are not currently active you may not know what you will enjoy. Pick the least objectionable and try it. Your chance of success will be greatly improved if you bring a friend along.

Several years ago, when I was a newlywed, my husband suggested we go for a bike ride. It started out as “just around the neighbourhood”. For a long time we would do the same 11 km circuit every night. It was difficult at first but then started to get easier. We then started to track our time and tried to go a little faster each night. We didn’t have good equipment or the right clothes but we started to cultivate a passion. Eventually, we got bored with our neighbourhood and decided it was time to try something crazy. One Saturday morning (on a sunny and not too windy day) we biked 30 km to a farmer’s market for breakfast and then biked back home. We were very excited and nervous about our adventure but we did it and from that day on we were hooked! May to October…every Saturday morning…we bike to that farmer’s market. It’s our thing! Our cycling goal for 2013 is to cycle 2,000 km. I track our progress here