My Truths # 141 (fake is the worst)

by Stephanie

When it comes to personalities and food…fake is the worst! Someone posted a photo on Facebook today which read “You are what you eat. So don’t be fast, easy, cheap or fake”. At first glance this statement rings true but if you really think about it, when it comes to eating, the first three are really only bad if combined with the last one. Replace “or” with “and” and then I agree.

Fast & Easy: Some of the quickest and simplest dishes to prepare can be the most delicious and satisfying. 2 freshly cracked free run eggs fried in butter with fresh sage leaves from your herb garden for example. Fast, easy and amazing!

Cheap: There is an inherent negative connotation to the word cheap but you can buy some very healthy food which is very inexpensive. I can buy a can of sardines packed in water, on sale, for $0.99 per can. Organic liver is also fairly cheap when compared to more expensive cuts of aged grass fed beef. Liver is a nutrition power house and delicious when prepared well.

Fake: There is nothing good to be said about fake. Genetically modified, highly processed, chemical/additive laced food is bad and should be excluded from your diet if you are striving for health and vitality!

fast cheap and easy

Seems legit? but fast, cheap and easy can be good! FAKE = BAD