My Truths #139 (Raynaud’s)

by Stephanie

Sometimes I feel like a hypochondriac. I swear to god that I’m a healthy person and that eating “Primaly” has improved my mental & physical health and well being. That being said I do experience minor health issues from time to time. I don’t get all dramatic about them or complain but I do like to do my research and I feel better when my ailments have a clinical name and I understand better the underlying causes.

Take, for instance, Raynaud’s. In the winter time, occasionally, the tip of one or more of my fingers will turn ghostly white and get numb. It appears to be a circulation problem and to an extend it is. When exposed to the cold, the veins in your fingers and toes contract to reduce the blood flow and maintain body temperature. This vessel constriction is just a little more pronounced in people with Raynaud’s. It’s described as “a vasospastic disorder causing discoloration usually of the fingers and toes. Named after French physician Maurice Raynaud (1834–1881)”.

You would think that someone that eats a healthy diet and exercises on a regular basis would escape these minor heath issues but the body is a complex machine. Treating it right is an important factor in its optimal performance but genetics still has some role to play. People with Raynaud’s are also prone to Chilblains…stay tuned tomorrow for more on that.