My Truths #138 (hyperphagia)

by Stephanie

For the last two days I’ve had a bad case of hyperphagia. Polyphagia or hyperphagia refers to excessive hunger or increased appetite. Have you ever gone through a period of time when nothing you eat seems to satisfy your hunger? Sometimes there are psychological reasons (i.e. emotional eating) but there can also be physical reasons for an increased appetite.

I have been noticeably hungrier than usual this week. There could be several factors contributing to this. The obvious ones for me are 1) It’s a few days before my period. PMS has been shown to increase appetite. 2) I’ve been working out intensely. I’ve actually gained a couple of pound recently but I think it’s muscle because my clothes still fit very well. It takes more calories to maintain muscle mass so my body may be naturally signaling that I need more fuel.

The key for me when I’m experiencing hyperphagia is to use discipline and stick with eating real food. Women who are experiencing increased appetite during PMS usually crave fat and sugar. I try to avoid sugar at all times but this gives me license to indulge even more in my favourite high fat foods (avocado, sardines, eggs etc…). I often practice intermittent fasting i.e. waiting until lunch time for my first meal of the day but that’s just not an option this week. I love breakfast and right now my body wants it!