My Truths #137 (crossfit part II)

by Stephanie

I wasn’t sure I would but I’m actually starting to ENJOY crossfit! It’s been two months since I join Fundy Crossfit and I’m starting to adjust to the class times, format, lingo etc… I still get a little nervous about what might be waiting for me when I arrive at my “box”.

The hour is broken down in to 4 parts 1) the warm-up which takes 5-10 minutes 2) the strength part which takes 20 minutes but is really only 25 reps (5 reps every 4 minutes of a heavy weight) 3) the WOD which is very intense but only lasts from 7-12 minutes (on average) and is made up of strength or cardio or usually a combination of both and 4) stretching.

They allow you to “scale” your workout to your ability level. I’ve noticed that the WOD’s seem a little easier recently so I have to push myself to work harder. This is a good sign… it means my fitness level is improving.

I’ve paid for a full membership for April but starting in May I’ll be paying the drop-in fee which is $10 per class. The weather’s improving and cycling season will be in full swing. From May-September I’ll be doing most of my workouts outdoors on two wheels…


That’s me in the orange sleeveless with some fellow crossfitters