My Truths #134 (kimchi)

by Stephanie

Kimchi is an acquired taste but I like it…mmmm Kimchi! Kimchi is a spicy fermented/pickled cabbage dish popular in Korea. Koreans eat so much of it that they say kimchi instead of cheese when getting their pictures taken. It’s part of the high fibre/low fat diet that has helped keep obesity at bay in Korea.

Kimchi is loaded with vitamins A, B, and C, but its biggest benefit may be in its healthy bacteria called lactobacilli (also found in yogurt). This beneficial bacteria helps with digestion. A healthy gut is so important to good health and vitality. Lactobacilli has also been found to help stop and/or prevent yeast infections.

I received a Napa cabbage in my CSA last summer and flirted with the idea of making some from scratch but after reading several different recipes I realized that it’s a fairly involved process.  Instead, just pick it up in the refrigerated section of your local Asian grocery store. Where I live there is an authentic Korean stall at our city market and the vendor makes his own. I love that it’s “homemade”… just not made in my home.