My Truths #131 (beer)

by Stephanie

When indulging in alcohol, I usually choose red wine but I do enjoy a beer once in a while. “Beer, in moderation, can be part of a “low-carb” diet and potentially a good source of soluble fiber and prebiotic substances that promote digestion”  according to Charles Bamforth, chair of the Department of Food Science and Technology. Beer is not just empty calories. It often contains a fair amount of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and fiber.

Primal and Paleo diets stress avoiding carbohydrate-rich foods, including cereals and cereal-derived products. Because beer is made from malted cereal grains/maltose, it is labeled by the diet industry as a high-carb beverage. Research however has founds that maltose is removed by the fermentation process.  The truth is the majority of beers on the market contain relatively low levels of carbohydrates.  

The beer industry has capitalized on beer’s bad reputation to create new demand for low carb beer. Much of beer’s carb content comes from the alcohol so the idea is to brew a beer with a lower alcohol content without compromising the taste. If you read the label on a low carb beer you will typically find half the alcohol, half the carbs, half the calories and I would say…half the taste. My husband is convinced that they just cut it 50/50 with water and charge the same price. On those night when I want a beer, I’ll just stick to my Sleeman’s Honey Brown and alternate with a glass of water for the same effect.