My Truths #129 (mustard)

by Stephanie

Mustard is a great Primal condiment. Prepared mustard is a popular condiment that is made by crushing or grinding mustard seeds and then mixing with water, vinegar and other flavorings and spices. Prepared mustard is a great low-calorie choice when you want to add a little flavor. Its claim to fame is that it’s the signature topping for hot dogs but sadly mustard is the only part of this traditional ballpark snack that is permitted when you’re primal. A typical wiener, although it is meat, is very processed and full of nasty stuff and the bun is made of wheat so off limits. Anyway…back to mustard.

Mustard seeds used in cooking and food preparation come from three different plants from the Brassica family: black mustard, brown Indian mustard and white mustard. I recently bought some black mustard seeds for an Indian recipe and I’ve been throwing them in with my stir fried veggies. They make a great addition. Mustard seeds are fairly low in carbs and contain dietary fiber when consumed whole. Mustard seeds are a particularly good source of the mineral selenium. This trace mineral is essential to health because of its antioxidant properties. Mustard seeds are also a surprisingly good source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Honey mustard contains much more carbs because of the addition of honey, a simple sugar. Honey Mustard is not Primal. Also bear in mind that depending on the recipe, prepared mustard may be high in sodium so read the nutrition label carefully for salt content.