My Truths #128 (success stories)

by Stephanie

Having my success story out on the web is great reminder of how and why the Primal Blueprint worked for me. Every Friday Mark’s Daily Apple features a Primal success story. So many of the stories are about people losing 100lbs or more. I have found that many, like Naomi (this week), lost weight using more conventional methods before discovering the Paleo/Primal movements. The key in moving to Primal for these people is keeping the weight off. Restricting calories and excessive exercise may work in the short term but it’s not a lifestyle that is sustainable. Link to Naomi’s Primal Success Story

I’ve always enjoyed reading the success stories and felt very compelled to send in my own. I didn’t start out significantly overweight so I wondered if my story would resonate with any of Mark’s readers. I sat down and wrote it last year but hesitated for several months before sending it in. I’m really not sure why I was reluctant. I guess, at the time, the idea of having that personal info out on the web made me a little uncomfortable. I finally did send it in and not long after that Mark published my story (August 2012)   Link to my Primal Success Story

I’ll admit I loved all the feedback and I realized that many people were just like me before I adopted the Primal lifestyle… just trying to lose those last 10 lbs.


Image source: Mark’s Daily Apple