My Truths #127 (microwave)

by Stephanie

I try to avoid microwaving my food. The microwave is a handy kitchen tool but the more I think about the technology aspect of it the less I use it. I don’t buy those frozen dinners that you microwave and I think microwave popcorn, although convenient, is laced with chemicals and uses too much packaging. I rarely eat popcorn because it’s a grain but, if I do, I love the stuff made on the stove in a pop with a little oil soooo much better!  I also find that in the case of reheating leftovers 1) it’s easy to overheat and affect the quality of the food and 2) I find microwaved food cools off faster or am I just imagining that? I did a quick search to see if I could find any facts on the nutritional effect of microwaving but I could not find any conclusive evidence that it had a negative effect. Still… I wonder?

The main reason that I don’t use it is that it scares me a little.  When I’m nuking something it causes interference with the wireless internet connection in my home. That’s that all about? What stray voltage am I being exposed to? Even the expression “nuking” (although technically not correct) sets off a little warning bell in my lizard brain. I realize that we have radio waves and other invisible stuff in the air all around us from our cell phones, cordless phones, radio transmissions etc…  minimizing our exposure to this stuff just makes sense to me.

I use my microwave the most for boiling water for a cup of tea. An electrical kettle would be less expensive and take up less space in my kitchen and my internet connection would not be compromised for the 2 minutes it takes to boil it.

Here’s a fairly good article from Health Canada if you’d like to read more on the topic.