My Truths #124 (fish oil)

by Stephanie

Fish oil is the one supplement that I’m tempted to invest in. I use the word “invest” because fish oil supplements are not cheap but if they’re truly beneficial then they’re an investment in your health. You can take capsules which are easier if you don’t like the taste but I think the straight liquid is the preferred form.  According to some it can give you fishy breath and if you burp you taste it later. Doesn’t sound very appealing! Fish oil is an excellent source of omega 3’s and is said to reduce inflammation and impart numerous other health benefits. When I did a quick search on-line for the facts the reviews seem to be very mixed and quite controversial so, for me, the jury is still out. For now I’m going to stick to snacking on sardines from time to time.

If you subscribe to the notion that omegas are important for good health, keep in mind that just measuring the amount of Omega 3 in your diet is not enough. What’s even more important is the ratio of omega 3 versus omega  6. You should strive for a 1:1 ratio. If you’re eating a lot of nuts which tend to be high in omega 6 then a fish oil supplement might benefit you by keeping your ratio in line.  Also keep in mind that there are different sources of fish oil and I can’t help but think that in this case quality, source and preparation would make a huge difference.