My Truths #123 (functional eating)

by Stephanie

If people cared more about their health they’d eat more functional foods. I was at an event recently attended by a lot of health conscious people. It’s the one thing that everyone had in common so the conversation often turned to eating and working out. I picked up a few new concepts that I had not heard of before. One is functional eating which is choosing to eat a certain food mainly because of its health benefits. There is another slant on functional eating that says it’s not just the food you eat but the time of the day matter too. i.e. what you eat upon waking, before you workout, after you workout etc…

The person that mentioned it to me was taking about eating certain food because he knows it’s healthy even when he doesn’t like the taste. His functional food example was sardines. He doesn’t like them but eats them because he knows that they are a great source of omega 3 fish oil. He also takes a fish oil supplement (more on that soon).

I was thinking about functional eating in this context and wondering if there’s anything that I eat purely for the health benefits. One example for me would coconut oil coffee but even that is a poor example because I do enjoy the taste…. I just like coffee with cream better. That being said, I’m prepared to substitute coconut oil blended with my coffee most mornings because I know it’s better for me. Another example for me is my homemade kefir. It’s sour and yeasty and I confess that I don’t really enjoy it but I take a “shot” on a fairly regular basis for the probiotics. Then I started to wonder if there are any “functional foods” that I don’t eat that I should start eating because they are known to be healthy… two that came quickly to mind are raw kale and raw oysters. The truth is I’ve never tried them. I might like them. I plan to find out soon.