My Truths #121 (sports incontinence)

by Stephanie

Women should go pee before skipping rope or lifting very heavy weights. I can’t stress this enough (no pun intended)! Stress incontinence in women who workout is more common than you think.  According to one article I read “More than two-thirds of female gymnasts say it happens frequently. Twenty-eight percent of female college athletes have experienced it at some point when participating in their sport.”

At my gym it’s quite funny actually. When the workout of the day included skipping rope almost every woman at the gym makes a special trip to the facilities. Everybody jokes about it. One woman said to me “I’m sure glad I wore black today. The last time I wore pink shorts and when I was done skipping I looked down and was mortified!”

According to the article below there are ways to prevent this… I know I’ll be looking in to it!