My Truths #120 (crossfit math)

by Stephanie

I never thought I was math challenged until a joined crossfit. It takes a lot of mental energy to figure out what combination of plates is required to put  54 lbs of weight on a 35 lbs bar. Even counting at times is challenging. It’s obviously not just me because they’ve adopted strategies to help you count…even if it’s only to 6.

For example, if the workout is so many rounds in 10 minutes they give you poker chips. Every time you finish a round you move a poker chip in to the “done” pile. At the end you count the “done” chips. The other day I was so exhausted I couldn’t even count a few chips on the floor to tell my coach how many rounds I had finished.   I kept looking at the pile on the floor and seeing 5…it was only after my heart stopped beating out of my chest that I could muster enough composure to count them and alas there were 6.

Sometimes you have to count to a much higher number…like 300. If I have to skip 300 times it’s no problem as long as someone doesn’t talk to me. Sure the coaches mean well saying things like “great job” and “keep it up”. They think they’re helping but it breaks my concentration. Heaven forbid they critique my technique with something like “keep your core strong”.  Who do you they think I am? Superwomen? I can’t keep my core strong, count at the same time and try not to pee my pants! Stay tuned tomorrow for more on this last point…


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