My Truths #119 (double unders)

by Stephanie

Double unders how I loathe thee.  I am a very driven person. Everything I do…I want to do well!  So far I cannot do double unders  or “DU’s” as they are known and it’s driving me crazy! A DU is when you skip rope but the rope passes under your feet twice every time you jump. It’s a popular crossfit exercise. If the workout requires 100 double unders and you are not capable of performing such an amazing feet of athleticism then you have to do 3 regular skips for every 1 DU. 100 DU’s = 300 regular skips.

I’ve watched videos on youtube to try to figure out the secret to DU’s. It appears to be in the wrist and I think the type of skipping rope is also very important i.e. the right weight (thickness of rope) and length (customized to your height). I would think that, if you have perfected your DU’s on one rope, using a slightly different rope could throw you off.  I’m saving up to buy my own rope so I can practice at home.  At $45 a pop …this is no playground skipping rope!

P.S. I think this may be why wearing knee sock became popular with crossfitters. DU’s is a skill that most people must master. My research uncovered many photos of whipped up calves and shins…knee socks seems like a good idea! Shin guards would be even better!