My Truths #118 (butter vs margarine)

by Stephanie

Margarine is not healthy.  Even my 13 year old daughter knows this. She just got back from a week long ski trip in the Rockies. One of her aunts did most of the cooking. My daughter is a picky eater at the best of times so I asked if the meals were to her liking. She said “Yes but it’s kinda weird, Krista (names have been changed to protect the guilty) is a self-confessed health nut but yet she uses margarine instead of butter”.

People who still use margarine are victims of marketing. The margarine companies sell the product as “healthy” and “heart smart” but if you do ANY independent research you will quickly find out that margarine is NOT real food and is the exact opposite of healthy! I’ve read that “It’s one molecule away from plastic”. I’m not sure if that’s completely accurate but still the butter versus margarine debate has been more or less settled and margarine is not better for your health. Butter is real food and taste amazing. Even this guy gets that…

Charles Pasi – “Better With Butter”