My Truths #115 (low carb boredom)

by Stephanie

It’s been almost two year since I cut our grains and sugar. I have yet to experience “low carb boredom”.  If you’re a regular reader of my BLOG you know that I always try to find an image to go with my topic. I usually “borrow” them from the net. I hope I’m not infringing on any copyright laws! I think, since I’m not blogging for profit, it’s a fairly innocuous crime. When looking for a specific image I often come across other ones which give me inspiration for future posts. I usually tuck them away in my e-file for when I’m experiencing writer block. One of the images was of an egg with the caption “low carb boredom”.  I’d had this image in my files for some time and thought that it would eventually speak to me but I’ve yet to experience this so called boredom.

I don’t find the food on the primal diet boring or limiting. I suppose if you are a picky eater and don’t like lamb, duck, offal etc… then your protein options would be more limited. I guess if you’re not a big fan of fish then you would not be incorporating all these wonderful options in to your diet. I can see that if you don’t like to experiment with new veggies then you might find your old standbys uninspiring.  If you don’t like to try new recipes then you would likely stick to the same few all the time which definitely would get boring. There is a VERY long list of Primal approved food. Don’t focus on what you can’t have. Focus on what you can. My advice for those who are bored…try a new food or new recipe today! Here’s one from my dinner party menu last night that was a hit with even the pickiest eater! Spiced Okra: