My Truths #114 (spices)

by Stephanie

Spices, such as those used in Indian Cuisine, add variety to your meal and may have added health benefits.  I’m hosting a dinner party tonight with an Indian theme and have selected a menu that includes many primal dishes. I’m still serving Basmati rice, naan (wheat) and papadums (lentil/legumes) for my non primal/paleo friends (all of them!). I’m also serving chai cheesecake for dessert which even I’m going to partake of as part of my 80/20.

I had a great time shopping for some of the spices I needed for the various recipes I picked out. Of course, I already had some staples i.e. curry powder, cumin, coriander, turmeric but needed to find a few new ones like garam masala (a blend of several spices and a staple of Indian cuisine), fenugreek and cardamom. The Primal dishes I’m making include lamb curry, chicken tandoori and pan fried spiced okra.

Spices not only help fend off “low carb boredom”  (if you suffer from such a thing) but are good for you too! Here’s a link to a list of spices and the purported health benefits.