My Truths #111 (yogurt)

by Stephanie

Full fat Greek yogurt is decadent. I mentioned yesterday that full fat Greek yogurt is one of my go to snacks but this is a fairly recent thing. Although dairy is sanctioned on a Primal diet I don’t tend to consume a lot of it except for cheese as an ingredient in recipes. I made tandoori chicken recently which called for 2 Tbsp of plain yogurt. It’s hard to find plain yogurt in the single serve containers so I had to buy a larger container. After I measured out 2 Tbsp I licked the spoon and fell in love! It was tart with a thick & creamy texture. I immediately went to the ingredients list to see what was in there that was giving this wonderful “mouth feel”. I was afraid I was going to find a thickening agent or worse…you know those ingredients that you can’t pronounce?  The brand I purchased was “Astro” with 10% M.F. To my surprise and relief the list was very short. Only 3 ingredients: skim milk, cream, active bacterial cultures. Yes it’s made with pasteurized milk but I think still it makes a great snack when consumed in moderation. It’s low carb and a good source of protein.

NOTE: I found this on-line rating of full fat Greek yogurts. My Astro brand fared well but two other brands beat it out…can’t wait to try them too i.e. Olympic Krema (11% M.F.) and The Greek Gods (10% M.F.). Sure hope I can find them in my area.