My Truths #110 (portion control)

by Stephanie

Portion control is most important with snacks.  I don’t really have a hard time with portion control at meal time. Luckily, a lot of nature’s foods, like eggs and avocados, come in pre-measured packages. It’s hard to overdo it on meat and you can pretty much eat as many veggies as you want. When things get a little grey is with snacks. Many primalists would say that they don’t get hungry between meals so in order to avoid this problem just don’t snack. That’s fine when you’re not hungry…but what if you are? What if you’re heading to the gym and you need a little something ? What if you’re back from your workout and know you should have some protein but are not in the position to sit down and have a meal? Enter snacks.

It’s easy to open a bag of nuts and scarf down a handful but that can get out of hand pretty quickly. My trick for keeping snacks small… a shot glass. I have several of these little gems that I believe came from the dollar store. Each hold approx. ¼ cup. I fill the glass with my snack. Put the rest of the package away and then eat my snack slowly. Somehow it seems like more food because the glass is full to the brim. If you put that food in a desert bowl it really wouldn’t look like much. Sometimes you might need more. Rather than have more nuts (for example) I prefer to take another glass and choose something different. This will help ensure that you are diversifying the nutritional profile of your snack.  If you’re tempted to go back for seconds, wait 15 minutes and then ask yourself again. Below you will see a few of my go to snacks.


cashews ~ hemp hearts ~ shredded coconut ~ raisins ~ full fat Greek yogurt