My Truths #107 (Balance in life)

by Stephanie

It’s critical to keep a balance in your life. Family, friends, work, fitness …these are all important! I mentioned yesterday that I joined a new gym which is causing me to re-balance my schedule somewhat. I used to work out at my old gym during business hours which took time away from my job. I’m 100% commission sales so the only person that was hurting was me but it was very manageable.

Now I have to weigh the pro and cons of each class time and take in to consideration how it affects the rest of my life:

6 a.m. – This time has the least impact on my family because they’re all still sleeping but a) I’m not an early morning person b) I value my sleep. Verdict…I might attend this class once in a while.

6 p.m. Most nights I prepare healthy meals that we all sit down and enjoy together so the 6 p.m. class is just not an option for me…this would really throw our little world off balance. Fitness is important but not at the expense of a quality time with my whole family together around the supper table! You are the weakest link…Goodbye!

8 p.m. – This is probably the most appealing option for me. My kids are older so they likely wouldn’t even notice I’m gone. This is my husband’s time to unwind in front of the TV. Although he’d love for me to be cuddled up next to him he doesn’t mind if I go to the gym a few nights a week.