My Truths #105 (light after dusk)

by Stephanie

A dark bedroom promotes better sleep and is healthier. I recently purchased room darkening liners for our bedroom curtains. I had been hearing more and more about the benefits of darkness at night as it relates to Melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that is said to play an important role in weight management.

Studies have shown that when you are subjected to artificial light before bedtime, particularly in the blue spectrum (i.e. tv’s, laptops, ipads etc…) you take longer to start producing melatonin after you feel asleep. It is recommended to turn off your devices and dim your lights and read before bedtime (or engage in some other activity that doesn’t require much light) to maximize your production of this hormone. Also, any light in your bedroom while you’re sleeping…even the small light from the power button on your DVR to the light emitted from your clock radio can have a negative effect.

Here’s a link to an amazing TV show/documentary on the effects of light on the body after dusk. Just promise me you won’t watch it on your laptop just before going to sleep.

LIGHTS OUT – THE NATURE OF THINGS | Season 2012-2013, Episode 6 | Dec 6, 2012 | 45:14