My Truths #104 (avoid trauma)

by Stephanie

In to every life a little rain must fall.  In my case in came in the form of an 8lb ball on the end of my pinky finger. Surprisingly, it didn’t hurt at all at the time but it sure didn’t look pretty! The end of my pinky was drooped over and I couldn’t straighten in. I had torn the tendon on the top of my finger resulting in an injury called “mallet finger” also commonly known as baseball finger.


I have to wear a small plastic splint for 6-8 weeks in order for it to heal properly. It’s a nuisance more than anything! If the splint accidentally comes off I have to start counting 6-8 weeks again. If the splint is not used properly the finger could heal bent over. The splint is called an oval-8 and is really a little engineering marvel. It’s tiny and pale pink so blends in with my skin tone so most people wouldn’t even notice I’m wearing it. I’ve been back to the gym a few times and it really doesn’t limit me too much as long as I keep it taped up to ensure it doesn’t pop off.

In sustaining this injury I have broken Primal Rule #8 AVOID TRAUMA.  I don’t know if a deformed pinky finger would have been the downfall of “Grok” but, assuming he would have known enough to fashion a crude splint, it would have made hunting and gathering more difficult for a while. I know I have a hard time washing the dishes… or so I’ve been telling my husband 😉


my oval-8 splint…size 2 (the smallest they make)