My Truths #103 (the Appalachian Trail)

by Stephanie

Taking 5-6 months to hike the Appalachian Trail sounds exciting and scary! I found out recently that hiking the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine is on my husband’s bucket list. Many wives would likely say good luck with that but I immediately starting to envision us actually do it someday. I think it sounds incredibly Primal!

For those unfamiliar with the trail it starts in Springer Mountain Georgia and ends 2,184 miles later in Baxter State Park, Maine.  2.5 million people hike a portion of the trail every year. Less than 1% complete the entire trek.  I’ve heard that people prepare months in advance and have others ship supplies to them at scheduled check points.  My husband’s idea is to do it in a little more than time than most and whenever possible stay at Inn’s and B&B’s with comfy beds and nice meals. He probably knows this is the only way I would ever consider it…that being said…I think those quaint little inns are few and far between.

We’ve had a small taste of it by climbing Katahdin in Maine. Katahdin is the end of the trail. In late August 2010 when we were at the summit a group of hikers arrived who were just completing the entire journey from Georgia. We did not get a photo of them but here is our money shot!