My Truths #102 (liver)

by Stephanie

I do enjoy liver once in a while. I made liver for supper last night. It was organic beef liver from a pastured cow. I bought it frozen at Farmer Dave’s market last weekend when he had some of his meat reduced.  I fried it in bacon grease and served it with sautéed onions and bacon on the side. Delicious!

I would never buy liver from a regular grocery store. I bought some organic chicken livers at a farmer’s market once. I made a comment to the vendor that I never saw chicken livers in the store and he said that I should not buy them even if I did. You see the liver is a filter and that’s where all the toxins go. A cow or chicken raised in an industrial feed lot would be pumped full of hormone and antibiotics and those nasty chemicals would get concentrated in their liver.

Liver has gotten a bad rap over the years because it contains a high amount of dietary cholesterol but studies have proven that there’s no correlation between dietary cholesterol and blood serum cholesterol. If you enjoy the taste of liver then there’s no need to avoid it for fear of cholesterol…just be sure to buy organic!


Balsamic glazed chicken livers from last summer